Online sports league management

League Active is an online service that helps connect organisers and participants of sports leagues to enable effective running of leagues.

  • Run team sport leagues online
  • Sports covered include Tennis, Squash, Badminton, Racketball, Table Tennis, Croquet.
  • Reduce paperwork - online entry and publication of teams, contacts, fixtures, groups and results.
  • Handle bulk communications with participants and stay compliant with data protection laws.
  • Simplify or automate fixture scheduling, supports round robin and knockout formats.
  • Keep your league running effectively with automatic reminders and dashboards to monitor progress.

Use online communications technology to help your league thrive.

  • Easily keep track of all teams, fixtures and results.
  • Remove much of the league admin work.
  • Improve visibility of league activity.
  • Easily manage communications to participants.
  • Easily adopted by your participants.
  • Streamline and improve fixture scheduling.
  • Focus your attention where it is needed.
  • Save on printing and postage costs.
  • Be compliant with data protection laws (GDPR)

Manage contacts with notifications, reminders, news articles and emails.

Contact Management
  • Be compliant with data protection laws (GDPR).
  • Enable effective communication between league, club and team members.
  • Contacts details are entered and maintained by participants themselves.
  • League Active enables controlled access to contact data.
  • Email addresses are verified to ensure accuracy.
Automatic notifications and reminders.
  • Notifications for fixture scheduling, confirmations, changes and results.
  • Reminders for upcoming fixtures and result entry.
News articles and emails
  • Write articles and news letters and publish them online.
  • Use League Active to deliver them by email to your participants.
  • Uses reputable bulk email service.
  • Capable of sending 1000's of emails a month.
Fixture Management

Publish your league with sections and groups. Streamline management of fixtures and results.

  • Round robin and knockout formats.
  • Automatic and manual scheduling.
  • Import/export of fixture lists.
  • Warning on fixture mismatches on import.
  • Assisted rescheduling on fixture cancellation.
Fixture Lists
  • Single source of up to date fixture schedule.
  • Clear display of teams, venues, date/time and scores.
  • View by league, section, group, club or team.
  • Easy confirmation of fixtures for both teams.
Reporting Results
  • Enter results and scores online.
  • Ability to upload scorecards and team photos.
  • Tables automatically updated.
For League Organisers

Manage your league effectively, improve communications and league visability and be compliant with data protection.

League Structure
  • Current and previous seasons.
  • Organise teams in sections and groups.
  • Can have multiple stages and formats.
  • Online entry/registration of teams.
  • Automatic updating of group tables/knockout draws.
League Information
  • League news and photos.
  • History and past winners.
  • Rules, fees and payment details.
  • Contacts.
Help Running the League
  • Teams themselves enter results and reschedule fixtures.
  • Clubs and teams manage their own contacts details.
  • View what needs your attention on a dashboard.
  • Automatic emails from system to remind users.
  • Easy to write and email news articles.
For Clubs

Manage your club's teams and fixtures and make them visible to your members.

  • Organise club teams and captains.
  • Facilitate court booking and home fixtures arrangements.
  • Provide information to club visitors.
  • Get notifications for cancelled and rearranged fixtures.
  • Link teams, fixtures, results and tables to club’s website.
  • Advertise home matches to club members.
For Teams

Easy management of fixtures and results.

  • Confirm fixtures with the click of a button.
  • Online reporting of results.
  • Upload scorecards using your phone's camera.
  • Easy rescheduling with availability viewer.
  • Automatic fixture reminders.