2023 Updates
Sat 21 January 2023

03/12/2023 Release 3.7.4

  • Support and Privacy Policy changes to reflect change of site operator.

01/11/2023 Release 3.7.3

  • Fix to ensure scores in WTN export file are formatted correctly.

05/08/2023 Release 3.7.2

  • WTN export file now includes home club and away club columns to help clubs see which of their players are missing their LTA number.

26/02/2023 Release 3.7.1

  • Changed the Players and Edit links on the club details page to link to the new version of these features
  • Added a Court Availability link on the club details page to link to the new club details page about tab that shows court availability.

21/01/2023 Release 3.7.0

  • Added a feature to export a season's results into an Excel file for import into the WTN system.
2022 Updates
Sun 23 January 2022

League Active is regularly updated to add new features and address issues.


29/05/2022 Release 3.6.2

  • Fixed an issue when editing an unregistered player's details on the club players list (original version)

26/04/2022 Release 3.6.1

  • Fixed an issue introduced with an updated 3rd party library that prevented saving or publishing a new fixture date

06/03/2022 Release 3.6.0

  • Improved automated fixture scheduling capabilities
    • Added optimisation to use club's court availability information to optimise home fixtures
    • Added optimisation to change scheduled time of weekend fixtures
  • Added extra columns to sections list for schedule, start time and courts in the manage season page
  • Added UI element to select the schedule to use for a section in the new section edit page
  • Updated the fixture scheduling UI to default the Set Dates option to selected
  • Fixed a couple off issues with the new club details edit page

20/02/2022 Release 3.5.6

  • Preparatory update to support automated fixture scheduling optimisations
  • Updated preview club page to enable manual LTA player and club registration detail entry

07/02/2022 Release 3.5.5

  • Fixed an issue in the new fixture format editor
  • Added support for deleting sections in the new version of the manage season page
  • Added support to add teams to a knockout group from a section where fixtures are still being played
  • Defaulted the fixtures list on the player dashboard to filter on the latest year

23/01/2022 Release 3.5.4

  • Updated to latest version of the email integration library
  • Added an option for a league organiser to set the reply to address for emailed articles (on the league settings page)
  • Added options to choose club or team admins or both as recipients when emailing articles
  • Added an option to customise the email subject when emailing an article
  • Improved layout and styling on season/club entry page
  • Added an option to mark a team as inactive and hide it from a club's teams list (on the team edit page)
  • Fixed an an issue to so only active players are shown in a club's players list 
  • Removed email address input field when adding a non registered player to a scorecard as it was optional and not being used
  • Added some additional guidance on the add non registered player dialog box to improve usability
  • In the new club page (in preview), added the ability for clubs to set how many courts they have available for each day of the week for fixtures to help with automated fixture scheduling (on the about tab)
2021 Updates
Sun 23 January 2022

League Active is regularly updated to add new features and address issues.

26/09/2021 Release 3.5.3

  • Some minor changes to some scheduling default values.

03/06/2021 Release 3.5.2

  • Fixed an issue related to a withdrawn email template.

29/05/2021 Release 3.5.1

  • Fix for minor issue with display of mailto links

17/04/2021 Release 3.5.0

  • Preview release of new club page (currently only visible to club admins)
2020 Updates
Mon 03 February 2020

League Active is regularly updated to add new features and address issues.

24/09/2020 Release 3.4.2

  • Added a Captcha control to the user registration page

04/09/2020 Release 3.4.1

  • Updated copying season to include fixture formats.

17/08/2020 Release 3.4.0

  • Added ability for each group in a section to have it's own fixture format.
  • Added the ability to report a walkover without having to complete a scorecard.
  • Updated the club and team pages to sort contacts by role and then name.
  • Fixed an issue with team selections not being shown when a player's record no longer existed.

17/02/2020 Release 3.3.0

  • Added user settings to fixture formats to allow league organisers to enable or disable the use of manual results and scorecard photos when submitting results.
  • Added user settings to fixture formats to allow league organisers to enforce completion of players and lineups in the online scorecard before results can be submitted.
  • Added user settings to fixture formats to allow league organisers to require a match tiebreak and prevent a draw being reported, for use with knockout fixtures.
  • Updated fixture details page and online scorecard to utilise the new fixture format settings.
  • Updated the Confirm Fixture link in the Reminder email to link to the updated fixture details page.
  • Updated fixture result processing for elimination draws to ensure when updating the result of a previous round the current fixture is always updated rather than being created again.
  • Fixed a rendering issue for the Edge browser that only occurred on non-live environments.
  • Fixed an issue displaying the venue name in the Fixture Published email notifications for elimination fixtures.
  • Fixed an issue when the online scorecard sometimes wouldn't show the player search button when there were no players already selected.

10/02/2020 - Release 3.2.4

  • Fixed an issue when creating a new fixture format.

08/02/2020 - Release 3.2.3

  • Fixed an issue revoking a club contact invitation.

01/02/2020 -  Release 3.2.2

  • Updated the Fixture Reminder notification.
  • Fixed an issue related to sending of Result Reported notifications.
Update for managing players
Mon 25 November 2019

League Active has been updated to improve player management.

To recap, League Active supports two types of player accounts/records:

  • Registered player - the player has registered a League Active account, can log into the website and carry out all the activities they are authorised to. This is recommended for regular players.
  • Non registered player - the player has not created an account and can't log in to League Active. Non registered players are entered by team admins or other registered players and can only be added to team selections and scorecards.

Non registered players can now be added to team selections.

When searching for players, non registered players already entered for your club will be visible in search results if they match your search. It's always best to search for a player in case they have already been entered, but you will now see a button at the bottom of the search results to add a non registered player.

Using the online scorecard

Please note that within 6 hours of the published start time of a fixture any registered player that is in the scorecard players list can edit the scorecard, entering other players for both teams, setting the lineups and entering and submitting the scores.

Club players list

Club admin's can now view a list of the club's players using a link from the club's page.

This list will:

  • Show all registered and non registered club players
  • Show the teams registered players are in
  • Enable editing the name and email address of non registered players
  • Enable sending an invite to non registered players asking them to register
  • Enable merging of players where duplicates records have been created

For further details see the support article Managing Club Players.

A big step forward for League Active!
Fri 18 October 2019

New features for League Active.
League Active has now been running for 2 years and continues to be developed to make running and participating in sports leagues easier.

This month a number of major new features have been released, with a focus on players, team squads, team selections and scorecards.

This is a big step forward for League Active and contains the following key new features:

  • Ability to manage a team's squad of players
    • Club and team admins can see who is in each team's squad and see their contact details
    • Club and team admins can view players' availability and select teams for fixtures
  • Player Dashboard
    • Players get their own personal fixture list view under 'My Dashboard'
    • Players can set their availability for fixtures and view which fixtures they are selected to play in.
  • Flexible online scorecard for recording detailed scores for fixtures.
    • League organisers can define the team, scoring and play formats for the different sections of their league.
    • Team selections are validated against the team format.
    • On the day of the fixture an online scorecard is created and populated with the players' names from the team selections.
    • The scorecard can then be updated to reflect the final players list and line-ups by the team admins or players.
    • The scorecard allows the individual round and rubber scores to be input and maintains running totals for both teams.
New Scorecard
The support page has been updated with additional content to cover these new features so please refer to this resource to help you understand and use these features.

Please try out these new features. They are designed to be easy to use but will be improved over time by feedback you provide.
Update for Contact Management
Wed 24 July 2019

League Active has been updated with the first update in a series aimed at improving contact management and incorporating team players on the website.

This update enables each club and team contact's title to be edited to allow meaningful titles such as Captain, Head Coach, Vice-Captain etc to be shown against the contact. Detailed help on how to do this is available in the support article Setting the title of a contact.

Over the coming months League Active is being developed to incorporate team players. The plan is to:
  • Enable players to register on the site
  • Include players in team's contacts lists
  • Enable team squad management
  • Support fixture team selection
  • Support the recording of individual players scores as part of a digital scorecard.
  • Support league player eligibility rules
  • Provide more stats to leagues, clubs, teams and players.
Another idea being considered for next year is supporting the new World Tennis Number that has recently been announced by the LTA and the ITF. Details on this scheme are still limited but the concept of feeding in all the results from league matches is very interesting and could be very useful to players and clubs in helping players get opportunities to play at the right level for them.

As part of these developments I will also be building much more flexibility from a fixture format and scoring point of view. This will allow League Active to support more sports and league formats without any custom changes or configuration.

I'm keen to get your thoughts around these areas to help refine how League Active develops. Specifically, I would be keen for your thoughts on:
  • How teams like to communicate around player availability, squad selection and fixture management. What are your biggest struggles and how could League Active help?
  • Data sharing. I want to continue to develop the right controls to enable effective use of the site for communication and building sporting communities but at the same time allow users to control how their data is used and shared. What are your concerns, challenges and thoughts on this?
  • Anything else you'd like to see considered or areas you struggle with that you'd like to see improved.
Please email me directly at info@leagueactive.co.uk

Alan Howie
League Active
Update for team fixture lists
Tue 02 April 2019

League Active has now been in operation for 18 months and continues to be developed.

An update has been released that makes it easier for teams to see their fixtures and filter them.

  • On each team's page the fixture section will now show the next and last fixtures for the team.
  • The team's fixture list page can now be filtered by season. By default the latest season is shown.
  • Also by default, fixtures that have been abandonded, cancelled or moved are not shown but they can be viewed by clicking the Rearranged option in the filter box.
Please keep providing feedback on the site and it's features as this is used to help drive development. 

If feedback on this update is postive then similar updates will be considered for the club and league fixture pages.

Note: If you link to the team fixture pages directly the new update uses a changed URL structure. The new structure uses the format: /Fixtures/Team/id  where id is the number for the team. The old team fixture URLs will still work for a while using the the old page layout but this will be removed in a future relase.
League Active update - July 2018
Sun 01 July 2018

League Active has been updated to improve the user interface and optimise it's use on mobile phones. Key changes include:

  • Improved page layouts that will better adjust to reflect the size and orientation of your device's screen.
  • Improvements to the fixture list pages to improve readability, especially on phones.
  • Addition of filtering capabilities to the fixture list pages. League and club fixture lists will default to show the current month's fixtures.
  • Club fixture lists now show the home team first rather than always showing the club's team first, consistent with the league fixture lists. This is to avoid confusion and complication where some teams play their home matches at another club.
  • Changed the colour of the abandoned, cancelled and moved fixture status indicators from red to orange.
  • Moved most club and team admin links to a footer on the relevant section rather than the top right of the header section.
This update uses a new version (4.1) of a popular library called Bootstrap to generate page layouts and user interface elements. However, this means that if you use a very old device or web browser you may not see the site displayed as intended. The following list provides a list of minimum browser versions:

  • Chrome: 45
  • Firefox: 38
  • Edge: 12
  • Internet Explorer: 10
  • iOS: 9
  • Safari: 9
  • Android: 4.4
  • Opera: 30
If you do experience any issues with the way pages are displayed on your device please contact support with details of your device (model, OS and browser versions), the page you have problems with, and ideally provide a screenshot or photo of the page as displayed on your device. Given the diversity of versions and devices it is impossible to test across all but if you can provide details of where you do see problems we will do our best to resolve them.
New feature - set your notification preferences.
Thu 26 April 2018

League Active has been updated to allow you to configure your notification preferences. This allows you to configure the email notifications you want to receive for each team and club you are a contact for as well as configuring which League Active platform emails you wish to receive.

Please check and update your notification preferences to set which emails you want to be sent.

Further help and guidance on notifications and setting your preferences is available on the support page.
League Active ready for the test!
Fri 01 September 2017

The League Active service is now in beta testing and will be used by the North East Club Winter League, a tennis league based in the North East of England.

This service will continue to be developed over the coming months and feedback and suggestions are welcomed.