A big step forward for League Active!
Fri 18 October 2019

New features for League Active.
League Active has now been running for 2 years and continues to be developed to make running and participating in sports leagues easier.

This month a number of major new features have been released, with a focus on players, team squads, team selections and scorecards.

This is a big step forward for League Active and contains the following key new features:

  • Ability to manage a team's squad of players
    • Club and team admins can see who is in each team's squad and see their contact details
    • Club and team admins can view players' availability and select teams for fixtures
  • Player Dashboard
    • Players get their own personal fixture list view under 'My Dashboard'
    • Players can set their availability for fixtures and view which fixtures they are selected to play in.
  • Flexible online scorecard for recording detailed scores for fixtures.
    • League organisers can define the team, scoring and play formats for the different sections of their league.
    • Team selections are validated against the team format.
    • On the day of the fixture an online scorecard is created and populated with the players' names from the team selections.
    • The scorecard can then be updated to reflect the final players list and line-ups by the team admins or players.
    • The scorecard allows the individual round and rubber scores to be input and maintains running totals for both teams.
New Scorecard
The support page has been updated with additional content to cover these new features so please refer to this resource to help you understand and use these features.

Please try out these new features. They are designed to be easy to use but will be improved over time by feedback you provide.