League Active update - July 2018
Sun 01 July 2018

League Active has been updated to improve the user interface and optimise it's use on mobile phones. Key changes include:

  • Improved page layouts that will better adjust to reflect the size and orientation of your device's screen.
  • Improvements to the fixture list pages to improve readability, especially on phones.
  • Addition of filtering capabilities to the fixture list pages. League and club fixture lists will default to show the current month's fixtures.
  • Club fixture lists now show the home team first rather than always showing the club's team first, consistent with the league fixture lists. This is to avoid confusion and complication where some teams play their home matches at another club.
  • Changed the colour of the abandoned, cancelled and moved fixture status indicators from red to orange.
  • Moved most club and team admin links to a footer on the relevant section rather than the top right of the header section.
This update uses a new version (4.1) of a popular library called Bootstrap to generate page layouts and user interface elements. However, this means that if you use a very old device or web browser you may not see the site displayed as intended. The following list provides a list of minimum browser versions:

  • Chrome: 45
  • Firefox: 38
  • Edge: 12
  • Internet Explorer: 10
  • iOS: 9
  • Safari: 9
  • Android: 4.4
  • Opera: 30
If you do experience any issues with the way pages are displayed on your device please contact support with details of your device (model, OS and browser versions), the page you have problems with, and ideally provide a screenshot or photo of the page as displayed on your device. Given the diversity of versions and devices it is impossible to test across all but if you can provide details of where you do see problems we will do our best to resolve them.