Update for team fixture lists
Tue 02 April 2019

League Active has now been in operation for 18 months and continues to be developed.

An update has been released that makes it easier for teams to see their fixtures and filter them.

  • On each team's page the fixture section will now show the next and last fixtures for the team.
  • The team's fixture list page can now be filtered by season. By default the latest season is shown.
  • Also by default, fixtures that have been abandonded, cancelled or moved are not shown but they can be viewed by clicking the Rearranged option in the filter box.
Please keep providing feedback on the site and it's features as this is used to help drive development. 

If feedback on this update is postive then similar updates will be considered for the club and league fixture pages.

Note: If you link to the team fixture pages directly the new update uses a changed URL structure. The new structure uses the format: /Fixtures/Team/id  where id is the number for the team. The old team fixture URLs will still work for a while using the the old page layout but this will be removed in a future relase.