Setting the title of a contact.
Wed 24 July 2019

Quite often clubs and teams have multiple contacts listed. By default a contact's title will be set to "Club Admin" or "Team Admin". In order to help differentiate a contact's specific role within the club or team it is now possible to edit the title shown. 

To edit the title:
  1. Ensure you are logged in to League Active
  2. Go to the club or team page
  3. Ensure you are an admin for the club or team
  4. Underneath the contact box there should be a link called Edit Title in the admin bar.

  1. Click this link and the title will become an editable text box.
  2. Edit the title and click the green tick button to save or the red X button to cancel.

Note: The badge shown after the name represents the role the contact has within the system, determining if they can see/use admin functions. It is only visible to people who have an admin role within the relevant club/team.