Update for Contact Management
Wed 24 July 2019

League Active has been updated with the first update in a series aimed at improving contact management and incorporating team players on the website.

This update enables each club and team contact's title to be edited to allow meaningful titles such as Captain, Head Coach, Vice-Captain etc to be shown against the contact. Detailed help on how to do this is available in the support article Setting the title of a contact.

Over the coming months League Active is being developed to incorporate team players. The plan is to:
  • Enable players to register on the site
  • Include players in team's contacts lists
  • Enable team squad management
  • Support fixture team selection
  • Support the recording of individual players scores as part of a digital scorecard.
  • Support league player eligibility rules
  • Provide more stats to leagues, clubs, teams and players.
Another idea being considered for next year is supporting the new World Tennis Number that has recently been announced by the LTA and the ITF. Details on this scheme are still limited but the concept of feeding in all the results from league matches is very interesting and could be very useful to players and clubs in helping players get opportunities to play at the right level for them.

As part of these developments I will also be building much more flexibility from a fixture format and scoring point of view. This will allow League Active to support more sports and league formats without any custom changes or configuration.

I'm keen to get your thoughts around these areas to help refine how League Active develops. Specifically, I would be keen for your thoughts on:
  • How teams like to communicate around player availability, squad selection and fixture management. What are your biggest struggles and how could League Active help?
  • Data sharing. I want to continue to develop the right controls to enable effective use of the site for communication and building sporting communities but at the same time allow users to control how their data is used and shared. What are your concerns, challenges and thoughts on this?
  • Anything else you'd like to see considered or areas you struggle with that you'd like to see improved.
Please email me directly at info@leagueactive.co.uk

Alan Howie
League Active