Dunlop Northumberland and Durham League

Season: 2020
Season Details

Season Cancelled

Due to the coronavirus pandemic the entire 2020 season has been cancelled. A popup league has been organised for August and September for clubs wanting to play some friendly matches.

Welcome to the 2020 season.

This seasons there are a few changes which are detailed below.

In 2020 a mixed section has been added for non veteran players.

Two new playing formats will be used in the Ladies section:

  • Ladies groups LA to LD fixtures will be a total of 12 regular sets.
  • Ladies groups LE1, LE2, LF1, LF2 will be a total of 9 sets, with sets being first to 9 games.
  • Teams will still consist of 6 players.
  • Ladies fixtures will now commence at 6:30pm.
  • Full details are available at Outcomes of Senior League Forum.

This season will be managed completely online:

  • There will be no green book printed. All information will be provided via the website.
  • All fixture results will be reported using a new online scorecard available on each fixture's page.
Groups: 10
Teams: 71
Groups: 7
Teams: 48
Veterans Men
Groups: 8
Teams: 54
Veterans Ladies
Groups: 7
Teams: 50
Veterans Mixed
Groups: 7
Teams: 47
Over 55 Men
Groups: 4
Teams: 22
Over 55 Ladies
Groups: 3
Teams: 12
Over 55 Mixed
Groups: 2
Teams: 11
Over 65 Ladies
Groups: 1
Teams: 2
Over 65 Men
Groups: 1
Teams: 6
Over 65 Mixed
Groups: 1
Teams: 2
Groups: 2
Teams: 10
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