N&D Pop-up League

Season: 2021
Season Details

League Format

There be Pop Up Leagues in the following categories:- 

  • All Age - Men’s, Ladies and Mixed.
  • Over 55 – Men’s, Ladies and Mixed.

All teams to consist of four players and the format of play will be as in the traditional Veteran’s Leagues. Each team will consist of two pairs, each pair will play both of the opposing pairs for 2, first to 6 sets, with tie-breaks at 6-6.

This proposed setup is for the 2021 season only.  There will be no promotions or relegations, and all being well, the league will return to the groupings as formed for 2020, subject to changes of entries, in 2022.

Please note:

When entering online, clubs should use teams from the 2020 popup league or create new teams on League Active for this league. DO NOT use the teams already setup for existing summer or winter leagues.

Coronavirus Guidelines

All players and clubs should read and follow the guidance which is published at LTA Coronavirus (Covid-19) - latest update.

Groups: 8
Teams: 52
Groups: 11
Teams: 71
Groups: 6
Teams: 40
Over 55 Ladies
Groups: 3
Teams: 20
Over 55 Men's
Groups: 4
Teams: 27
Over 55 Mixed
Groups: 3
Teams: 19
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